Cricket powder has interesting nutritional values, because it contains 62% proteins including all essential amino acids, as well as a lot of iron, calcium, magnesium, chitin and vitamin B12. The crickets are grown in hygienic and animal-friendly conditions within a closed system, and consume very little food and water. As a (partial) replacement for other animal protein sources, cricket powder can help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases. Therefore cricket powder can be an excellent addition to an otherwise vegan diet.
The cricket powder has a nutty flavor that goes well with cocoa, cinnamon, muesli and bakery products. It is mainly used to improve nutritional values in various products. Since August 2021, crickets (Acheta Domestica) have been approved by EFSA for use as an ingredient in food. This opens the way for new applications with this sustainable and healthy raw material. Discover what cricket powder can do for your product.
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