The need for vegetable protein is rising as more consumers choose for vegan products. Protein is an important source for building and repairing muscles, thus ensuring vitality and strength. The 9 essential amino acids are important, because the body cannot make them itself. There are various vegetable sources with a high protein content, from which high-quality protein concentrates can be extracted, each with its own amino acid profile. The functionality of these proteins can be judged by their specific taste, colour, solvability, gelling and texture. High Fibe offers high quality plant-based proteins that are free from gluten, soy and allergens. They are available as a concentrated powder, and as texturized pieces. There are both regular or organic options available. These proteins will complement each other in vegan protein shakes, meat substitutes, dairy analogues, gluten-free bakery products, or other innovative applications.
    Rice protein
  • Concentrate, 80% protein, ultra-fine, white, neutral taste
  • Native and pregelatinized starch, extra white, clean label
    Fababean protein
  • Concentrate, 65% protein, emulsifying, low off-taste
  • Textured pieces, several granulations, 65 % protein
    Pea protein
  • Concentrate, 55% protein, emulsifying, water binding
  • Textured pieces, 55% protein, toasted taste, fiberlike
    Sunflower seeds protein
  • Concentrate, 50% protein, emulsifying, low off-taste
  • Textured pieces and chunks, chewable texture