When grinding rice grains, some interesting residual flows are created, such as the bran and pieces of white rice. These sustainable raw materials are further ground and processed into directly applicable fractions, such as starch and protein. As a basis, a non-waxy rice with a short grain is used.
  • RE-Starch NA:¬†native rice starch, short grain, non-waxy, contains 80-85% amylopectin that is easily soluble and digestible. The powder has a white color, and a neutral odor and taste. When dissolved and heated it gives a clear gelling and a creamy mouthfeel. Can be used in hot sauces, ragout, hamburgers and bakery applications.
  • RE-Starch PG: thermally pregelatinized rice starch, cold soluble, instant gelling. Unlike other thickeners, it has a clean label declaration (no E-number). Applicable in cold-soluble mixtures where an immediate binding is desired, such as sauces, batters, ice cream mixes and moldable products.
  • RE-Pro 80: rice protein-isolate with 80% protein, including all essential amino acids. The amino acid profile is complementary to that of soy and wheat, and has a high protein digestibility and biological value. It contains the BCAA amino acids leusine, isoleucine and valine which are desirable in sports nutrition. It also can be used in vegan burgers, protein shakes and gluten-free bread.